Sometimes it needs a change of perspective to be able to take the right course.  This applies to human beings as well as to companies. 

We see coaching as a pathfinder from different perspectives:

  • in order to achieve more clarification about your personal goals  and
  • to enable you to make your decision from a range of alternatives.

You as HR-management, we will support you with proven potential analysis and employee coaching in order to

  • achieve tailor-made employee development,
  • targeted promotion of young talents and
  • performance optimization.

We believe that the key to successful collaboration of employees and companies is to recognise talents. The knowledge of strengths and weaknesses on both sides creates security and trust in the ability to develop.

We look forward to working with you to realize these potentials successfully for your company.



Leadership & other roles

What potential do you have?

How can you use it more effectively to become more successful at your job?


The better you know yourself and your strengths, weaknesses, needs and expectations, the more precisely you can set the course.


We work with profound analysis with regard to


  • personality,
  • management style,
  • motivation
  • mental behaviours.

In addition we provide anonymous employee feedback while you put your findings and projects into action every day.


Groups and Teams

Collaboration in different formats and on different hierarchy levels has become part of the global world.


In addition to cultural topics, each group member brings a personal background that effects in the group on different levels.


Whether hidden or obvious, there are reasons why people enjoy participating in team meetings or not. And there are some reasons why some teams are more successful than others.


Together with your team, we look at structures, communication and culture and - assuming your given trust - we also listen to the nuances and read between the lines.


COACHING For individuals

What gets lost in everyday operations, but is the key to greater satisfaction on your personal development path?


How can you improve in handling difficulties, challenging situations or even crisis?


We start a dialogue with you and/or the organization to identify possible development paths and prepare steps for change together at your own pace. 


Do you have questions on applied methods, process, implementation or our coaches?
We are happy to discuss all of the above in detail,

in a personal face-to-face meeting with you and one of our CONBEN coaches.




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Video Coaching &
Online Experiental Learning


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