"To understand the heart and mind of a person,

look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to."

Khalil Gibran

Our Strength  ∙ Your BeneFit

Our consultancy's focus ...

leads to strategic and operational success for your business:

Support of (digital) organizational development ...

Strengthen qualities of leaders ...

Develop junior talents and self-development ...

Work as a team ...

Manage on-going changes ...

Deal with conflicts autonomously ...

Live company values  ...

will strengthen agile and vibrant atmosphere.

allows continuous team development.

drives own talents (and ideally everybody).

uses potentials and creates synergies.

initiates improvements and proactive behaviour.

strengthens responsibility and enhances speed. 

supports a "WE" feeling and engagement in daily work.

Führungskräfteentwicklung Leadership Training


We accompany your change processes within your company with our organisational consultancy. We develop with you suitable, personal organizational development measures.

Depending on the strategic question, the joint work might look different: 

  • We will work with you to identify the development potential of the organization, with teams and individual employees.
  • We reflect with you and the management team on the "fitness level" of your organization.
  • We improve collaboration and help you overcome "silo mentality" in fluid or agile functional business units.
  • We support you in developing a vision and in deriving strategic goals and project-specific KPIs.
  • We moderate workshops on group development processes.


We coach individually and look at the person, his/her different roles and the organization in interaction. Personal as well as professional topics are taken into account in our discussions.


Possible coaching topics might be:

  • Outlining one's development potential and goals concerning motivation, capabilities and leadership behavior.
  • Assessments and personality profiles (e.g. with TRAIT MAP or EMPREINTE)
  • Clarification of roles, e.g. as a leader or in self-organizing group processes
  • Personal coaching in reflection and learning processes
  • Your individual questions 





We have many years of experience in a variety of industries such as fashion, furniture, automotive, technology.
Our training focuses are:


  • Leadership development
  • Digital Leadership & Remote or Distributed Work
  • Project management
  • Team Building
  • Team Performance
  • Communication
  • Intercultural cooperation
  • Complaint management
  • Soft skills in the digital age


We attach importance to an authentic, company-specific language and customised content.


We offer functional and industry-specific training, such as retail or sales planning, as required for international companies or local and specialized companies.  





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