There are three types of companies:

Those who make things happen.
Those who watch things happen.
Those who wonder what happened


Experts For MNC & SME

CONBEN supports international enterprises and organisations in identifying, strengthening, and implementing their employees’ potentials.

As a sparring partner of managing directors, managers, as well as management teams,

we accompany you – from concept to implementation – in your daily business, online or locally at your premises. Our core competency is in behavioural, organisational development, including business coaching and training based on science-based approaches.

We will develop with you a common understanding of what is driving your organisation internally and what is keeping it from developing, how responsible co-operation can look like and how target-oriented implementation can thrive.

We will do this in a focused, pragmatic and tangible way – online, at your selected premises or blended solutions-
putting it into effect always considering human relations.

We combine a solid business mindset and international consulting expertise with solution-oriented coaching and practical organisational development measures – always centred around the human being.

That is our contribution to your success.



We accompany your change processes within your company and organisational development measures. We develop with you suitable, personal organisational development measures.

Depending on strategic questions, joint work efforts might look like this:


  • We will work with you to identify the development potential of the organisation, with teams and individual employees.
  • We reflect with you and the management team on the "fitness level" of your organization.
  • We improve collaboration and help you overcome "silo mentality" in fluid or agile functional business units.
  • We support you in developing a vision and in deriving strategic goals and project-specific KPIs.
  • We moderate workshops on group development processes.


We coach individually and look at each person in his/her different roles and the interaction with his/her organisation. Personal as well as professional topics are taken into account in our discussions.

Possible coaching topics:


  • Outlining one's development potential and goals concerning motivation, capabilities and leadership behaviour.
  • Assessments and personality profiles (e.g. with TRAIT MAP or EMPREINTE)
  • Clarification of roles, e.g. as a leader or in self-organizing group processes
  • Personal coaching in reflection and learning processes
  • Your individual questions


We have many years of experience in a variety of industries such as fashion, furniture, automotive, technology. We offer functional and industryspecific trainings, e.g. procurement, sales or management development, on international basis or for local speciality businesses.

Our training focuses are:


  • Leadership development
  • Digital Leadership & Remote or Distributed Work
  • Project management
  • Team Building
  • Team Performance
  • Communication
  • Intercultural cooperation
  • Complaint management
  • Soft skills in the digital age

We attach importance to an authentic, company-specific language and customised content.




People and employees of tomorrow learn their competencies first of all in educational institutions and then at their employer’s business of today.
Therefore it makes sense, to think performance and social engagement combined and start, where learning and personal development in its diversity happens.

CONBEN Deutschland GmbH is focused on organisational development of MNC. CONBEN is completed by CONBEN INSTITUTE. This business part is specialised on further education, coaching and supervision in the public and social sector.

Together we share excitement in our work with people bringing them and their organisation forward.  

Our Strength − Your Benefit

Our consultancy’s focus leads to strategic and operational success for your business:

  • Support of (digital) organizational development
will strengthen agile and vibrant organisation
  • Strengthen qualities of leaders
allows continuous team development
  • Develop junior talents and self-development
drives own talents (and ideally everybody)
  • Work as a team
uses potentials and creates synergies
  • Manage on-going changes
initiates improvements and proactive behaviour
  • Deal with conflicts autonomously
strengthens responsibility and enhances speed
  • Live company values
supports a “WE” feeling and engagement in daily work